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Name:Tenten [ テンテン ]
Birthdate:Mar 9
[ Tenten RP journal played by tao_empress at red_moon_comm with PB Mika Nakashima. ]

I may not be popular
I may not be the one all the guys want
But I can still kick your butt
And that‘s all that matters

Let the games begin.
Name: Tenten
Age: 23
Birthday: March 9th
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120-130 lbs
Affiliation: Mafia/General, Mafia/hit(wo)man, Mafia/bodyguard (not that... he'd actually need it), Other/Security
Orientation: Heterosexual
Talents: Is well versed in most if not all forms of weaponry although prefers knives and swords over guns (that's not to say she doesn't use them when necessary), is knowledgeable in many different styles of martial arts, is most notably an expert marks(wo)man with a nearly perfect accuracy, possesses exceptional mathematical skills, equally formidable analytical and organizational skills, and has the potential to be a pretty decent spy with her excellent observational skills and an uncanny ability to blending fairly easily into the background; has a degree in Philosophy
Hobbies: Training - both herself and others, tarot readings, books (she has a great love of knowledge that almost rivals her fondness for weapons), astrology, piano, scrapbooking, people watching

(¯`° · (¯`°·. Who I Am .·°´¯) · °´¯)

Originating from a middle-class background, Tenten knows the meaning of hard work and dedication. These principles she puts into every aspect of her life. Often overlooked by others but always a presence, whether in the lives of all those around her or just in general, she serves as a maternal figure and puts forth an even mix of determination, confidence, and respect to all those around her with an ever mellow attitude. She provides a quiet comfort to anyone she comes across.

In school, she showed promising advances in math (it's reminiscent to her 100% accuracy; math would play a big part in that I'd imagine), while she struggled in science. But it is her pragmatic personality that drives the young woman to work as the costume and set designer for Nixcore. As a side note, Tenten is fairly good on the piano, having received lessons in her early days. But while she no longer appears shy about showing off her talents, she will still insist on playing ONLY with the guarantee that no one intently watches at her, a request that becomes less and less of an issue the better she gets to know a person. Tenten is not exactly anti-social, but she has a tendency to blend into the background, which in turn actually aids in her observational skills.

But there are two sides to every story. While mostly reserved (blending into the background), she appears to be one of the more aggressive kind of girls which keeps her stuck under the label of tomboy. More of a jeans and tee kind of girl, Tenten is always ready to get down and dirty with the guys. But that’s not to say that she doesn’t have the capacity to be feminine as well when the mood strikes her. A typical average girl in a typical modern world, her only noticeable flaw would be the lack of confidence concerning her love life. Not one to go searching for a relationship, she is at a loss when one comes looking for her. And as comfortable as she is with the boys, it’s a whole different story when faced with one she actually likes in that way.

(¯`° · (¯`°·. Where I've Been .·°´¯) · °´¯)

A lot of aspects of Tenten's life is a balance of parallels.

In a city filled with corruption and confusion, Tenten had known from a very early age that not everything was what it seemed. For the most part, both her parents belonged to the strict codes of the working class. Her mother, Mei, made her living as a school teacher, sometimes offering piano lessons or private tutoring on the side for extra money. Her father, Shirou, was an artisan skilled in crafting beautiful works from steel and wood. His specialty was weaponry. Because of this, Tenten likes to view herself as being well balanced between the logic if reality that her mother taught, and the fantasy of creativity that was her father's livelihood.

Both were very rewarding professions, but they were also very fickle as well. And so, it was not uncommon for Tenten's father to rent out his services to less than respectable characters. His main and most profitable clients: the mafia clans that overwhelmed the city.

Although her mother held ties to the families as well working as a temporary tutor from time to time, it was from her father's interactions with them that Tenten got her first glimpse at the dark underworld of politics and feuds that existed within the city. And as she became more and more involved (more and more interested) in Shirou's work, she became more exposed to that sort of atmosphere. In an attempt to divert or at the very least divide her attentions, Mei thought to teach her daughter the finer points of the piano. And from there, her love of the classical music and instrument was born. So, at the young age of three, Tenten began her lessons and continued them with a love and talent that held no comparison in the young girl's life.

Unfortunately, it did not last.

At the age of ten, her mother and brother died in a fire during an electrical storm, an event that has ultimately lead to Tenten being a little jumpy around lightning, although not enough for it to become a phobia. She still loves the rain. This incident was also the main driving force behind her developing a closer and closer connection to Shirou's work. And despite all his efforts, she could not be deferred from it. So, knowing the sort of danger that could place her in, he enrolled her into learning various disciplines of martial arts. At the same time, Tenten decidedly stopped piano lessons, simply because they were too painful to continue.

For the next eleven years of her life, she spent her spare time working and learning alongside her father, studying his craft and making it her own. It is from him in which Tenten gained her knowledge as a weapon specialist, mastering the use of every and all form of weaponry from the orders Shirou had received in his business. And steadily, the two became more closely tied with the underground war waging on the streets of the city after hours, providing them with the weapons and sometimes (without her father's knowledge), Tenten would work as a freelance mercenary, aiding in small transactions for whoever would pay the price. At the ripe age of twenty-one, coupled with her training in the martial arts, she had become a force to be reckoned with. But first and foremost, she was the pride and joy of her father’s heart. So it was a tragic blow when he had been found dead and murdered on the floor of his shop. And it was that final straw that was the deciding factor of Tenten gaining a full-time position with a newly developed but highly formidable organization, headed by one Uchiha Sasuke, working as a weapon specialist and agent, possibly even bodyguard on occasion.

(¯`° · (¯`°·. How I Move On .·°´¯) · °´¯)

Now, two years later at the age of twenty-three, with the exception of those closest to her, Tenten has grown up with the tendency to be distant from others. This not only has to do with the deception that is riddled within the politics of the mafia, but for the simple fact that she fears losing someone else she cares deeply about. She has seen a number of men battle and die right in front of her eyes, sometimes in her arms; great people who have earned her respect and who were not too proud to give the same in return. She has no clear or immediate goals set in her mind other than to survive and living out the rest of her days working loyally with the clan, though she still holds resentment for the one responsible for her father's death.


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